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Wellhead Protection Plan

Section 2: Contaminant Source Inventory

This section includes maps that show the sites of potential contaminant sources within the WHPA. Sites are labeled with the prefix “HW-“ in reference to the last names of the people who conducted the initial inventory (Halsey & Wilkinson).  There are a total of 205 sites within the entire WHPA for Norfolk’s West Well Field. 

An inventory of potential contaminant sources for Norfolk’s West Well Field was coordinated by Americorps Member, Laurie Wilkinson in cooperation with the City of Norfolk .  The initial inventory was performed in November 2001.  An update to the inventory was performed in 2005 and again in 2007.  This on-the-ground inventory was performed to gather data on potential contaminant sources that currently exist within Norfolk ’s WHPA, and a summary of this information is included in this section. 

Information was also gained from the NDEQ list of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, and property records.  These are included in Appendix E.

The WHPA, described in Section 1 of this report, stretches over more than 12 square miles.  There are 185 residential sites; each of which is estimated to have one domestic well.  In addition to domestic wells, there are wells at 20 commercial sites, 29 monitoring wells and approximately 20 irrigation wells.  Because wells can act as potential conduits for contaminants into the groundwater, the need for awareness and proper management of these wells is crucial to the quality of Norfolk’s public water supply. 

A property owner list is included in Appendix G, and is organized by land Section.

Map of Potential contanimant sources