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Wellhead Protection Plan

Section 4.  Emergency, Contingency, and Long-Term Planning

The Water Division’s portion of the Local Emergency Operating Plan (LEOP) is included in Appendix A. The City has also compiled detailed emergency response protocols in the Emergency Response Plan found in Appendix D of this Plan.  These documents line out response and reporting procedures for a number of possible emergency situations.

Contaminated Well Shut Down Protocol

In the event of a suspected contamination, the Operator would notify the Water Director, and together they would access the area of the contamination and isolate any suspect areas.  After the areas are isolated, the Director would report the event to the Public Works Director, State of Nebraska Heath and Humane Services and the news media.  The area of contamination would be tested for pH, chlorine residual, hardness, and coliforms.  If further tests would be needed, the City would receive sample kits from the State lab.  During this time bottle water and water tankers would be on site at the area churches and schools for public uses. The City of Norfolk has agreements with:

Orphan Grain Train to provide 2 tankers

CTC to provide 7 tankers

Wal-Mart to provide bottled water

After the area of contamination is flushed, sampled, and determined to be safe, it will be returned to service.  If the contamination can not be flushed out, further corrective actions would be taken to insure the safety of the system.

The Norfolk Water Division will continue updating its system with the latest water treatment and quality monitoring technology to insure the highest quality waster possible for the citizens of Norfolk .

Planning and Reserve Capacity

Norfolk ’s East Well Field can currently produce 2.16 million gallons per day (mgd) of water. The East Well Field and Treatment Plant will serve as a back-up to the West Well Field and Treatment Plant in the event of gross contamination or catastrophic mechanical failure.

Norfolk ’s West Well Field can produce approximately 6.1 mgd and can meet peak demands of 14.4 mgd. Currently Norfolk’s average demand is approximately 4.8 mgd, with a peak day demand of 10.9 mgd.

Through its Water Master Plan, the City of Norfolk continues to update its water production capabilities, reserve capacity, and anticipated demand for water.