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309 N 5th St, Norfolk, NE 68701
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Wellhead Protection Plan

Section 3.  Contaminant Source Management Options

Management activities can be adopted and implemented in the WHPA by the community to protect the city’s drinking water supply.  The following activities have be implemented or initiated to manage the WHPA. 

Well Registrations

City well registrations are on file with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources

Ordinances and Zoning

The City adopted the following controls to manage the WHPA.

  • Adopt WHPA boundaries.
  • Adopt set back distances for certain potential contaminant sources from public supply wells.
  • Implement zoning prohibitions on petroleum and agricultural chemical storage, and restrict irrigation chemigation and fuel storage systems.
  • Implement prohibitions on waste lagoons, waste storage, landfills, and concentrated animal feeding operations.
Existing Controls
  • Proof of authority to zone is contained in Code Section 27-3, Ordinance # 4603 adopted on 9-16-2002.
  • Ordinances
    • Back flow prevention is listed in Section 26-30 of the City Code.
    • Set-back requirements
    • No petroleum storage within 1,000 ft. of a municipal well
    • Cross connection is addressed in Sec. 26-59 of the City Code.
    • Zoning ordinances are listed in Section 27 of the City Code.
New Controls
  • Ordinance # ___________________ to implement the WHPP
  • WHPP prohibitions:
  • Concentrated animal feeding operations as defined in Nebraska Title 130 (Livestock Waste Control Regulations), and associated waste handling facility uses. 
  • Stockpiling of livestock manure, paunch, or sludge.
  • Containment of liquid livestock waste, manure, paunch, or sludge.
  • Landfills and refuse recycling centers.
  • Chemical reclamation facilities.
  • Hazardous waste impoundment facilities.
  • Salvage (junk) yards of all types.
Interlocal Agreements
  • Ordinance # ___________________ to implement the City of Norfolk / Madison County Interlocal agreement
  • Ordinance # ___________________ to implement the City of Norfolk / Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources Department (NRD) Interlocal Agreement.
Proof of Meetings

Documentation for the following meetings is attached:

  • Public information meeting on May 8, 2006
  • Public information meeting on April 24, 2008
  • Norfolk Planning Commission Public Hearing on ____________________
  • Norfolk City Council Meeting on __________________________
  • Madison County Planning Commission Public Hearing on ____________________
  • Madison County Commissioners Meeting on ___________________________