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Animal Control

Owners intending to claim their animals must do so within 72 hours of the animal's impoundment.  After this time the animals are available for adoption.  Contact Puppy Love 402-379-0511 2700 Eisenhower, if you are interested in adopting any one of these animals.

Claiming Your Animal From the Pound

Fees need to be paid at the Norfolk Police Division -202 N. 7th Street. Animal may then be picked up from pound, Puppy Love - 2800 Eisenhower Avenue.

To redeem an impounded animal:

  1. Show a valid picture I.D.
  2. Fill out and sign an affidavit of ownership.
  3. Pay all applicable fees
    1st Impoundment     $15.00
    2nd Impoundment    $20.00
    3rd Impoundment     $30.00
    4th Impoundment     $30.00
    and all subsequent
    Plus $5.00 per day or any part of a day the animal is sheltered, for animals impounded in the City of Norfolk.
  4. Sign all applicable citations. The charges for citations are not included in the above fees, you will have to take care of citations at the county court clerks office.

Boarding Agreement: If unable to pay for fees at the time of claiming animal, owner may fill out affidavit to have payment within 15 days.

City Licensing: Failure to obtain the license and/or the rabies vaccination within seventy-two (72) hours after release from im­poundment shall constitute a separate offense.

Severely sick or injured animals will be euthanized to prevent any unnecessary suffering. All others will be held for 72 hours from the time of their impoundment and either adopted to new owners or euthanized.

Owners intending to claim their animals must do so within 72 hours of the animal's impoundment.

Licensing Your Animal

All dogs or cats three (3) months of age and over residing within the City limits must be licensed. All licenses are due and payable annually on the first day of May and become delinquent on the 30th day of April.

A current rabies vaccination certificate is required to obtain a license. The certificate must be valid for the entire licensing year. A veterinarian’s certificate is required in order to obtain the reduced license fee for a spayed/neutered animal unless this fact is recorded on the rabies vaccination certificate of old license.

License fees are:

May 1 - April 30

Females/Males (Spayed/Neutered)             $3.50
Females/Males (Non Spayed/ Neutered)     $5.00

Dangerous Dogs

Section 54-617 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes define a potentially dangerous dog as (a) any dog that when unprovoked (I) inflicts a non-severe injury on a human or injures a domestic animal either on public or private property, or (ii) chases or approaches a person upon streets, sidewalks, or any public grounds in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack or (b) any specific dog with a known propensity, tendency, or disposition to attack when unprovoked, to cause injury, or to threaten the safety of humans or domestic animals.

A dangerous dog cannot go beyond the owner’s property unless it is restrained securely by leash or chain, and when unattended, it must be confined indoors or in a securely locked and enclosed pen or structure suitably designed to prevent the dog’s escape or the entry of young children.

Please take every reasonable precaution necessary to avoid an incident which may result in your dogs being classified a dangerous dog.

For more information, see City code

Animal calls are handled by the Norfolk Police Division 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For further questions regarding your animal, please contact the Norfolk Police Division at (402) 644-8700, or contact Animal Control Officer: