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Accident Investigation Team

Accident Scene

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Accident Scene

The Accident Investigation team (A.I.T.) was assembled in January 1989. It is presently comprised of officers who have had specialized training in accident investigations, including accident reconstruction.

The purpose of the A.I.T. is to thoroughly conduct investigations of motor vehicle injuries in which there is a fatality, serious injuries, a large amount of property damage, or crashes of a complex nature that their expertise is needed.

Detailed reports are completed forwarded to the County Attorney's Office if the investigation indicates traffic laws may have been violated.

From 1992 through 2008 the A.I.T. has investigated 13 fatality accidents within the city limits of Norfolk, including two in the first half of 2001.

Present Members include: Sargent Fred Roskens, Officer Jim Heller, Officer Ray Larson, Officer Ben McBride, Officer John Hobbs, Officer Charles Hickman and Officer Jeremy Polacek.