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Dispatch Workstation

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Entire Dispatch Console

The Norfolk 911 Communication Center is located at the Norfolk Police Division, 202 N. 7th Street in the City of Norfolk. The Communications Center is staffed by a team of 11 trained communication specialists. They are responsible for receiving, prioritizing and sending an appropriate response to each call that is received.

The Norfolk 911 Communication Center dispatches for the City of Norfolk Police Division and Norfolk Fire and Rescue. The Center also dispatches for Stanton County which includes the Cities of Stanton and Pilger, they also dispatch for the Village of Hadar and Hoskins.

In order to help best serve the public, the Communication Center asks that you use the 9-1-1 emergency line only when there is an immediate risk to life or property. Some examples of this would be:

  • Any medical emergency
  • In-progress or just-occurred crimes
  • Any incident involving weapons such as a gun or a knife
  • Domestic violence, in-progress or threatened
  • Any vehicle accident involving injuries
  • Fire of any kind

To help the dispatchers prioritize your call and to send the appropriate response you will be asked to answer the following questions.

  1. LOCATION: The exact location of the incident occurring with a name and call back number is critical.
  2. TYPE OF PROBLEM: The dispatcher will need to know if you are reporting an emergency or something that is not an emergency to determine a response. Please give the dispatcher all available information.
  3. MEDICAL EMERGENCY: In a medical emergency the dispatcher will ask you the following questions, after obtaining that information a response will be sent and the dispatcher will ask you to stay on the line instructing you how to provide basic first aid to a victim if possible.
  • AGE
  • SEX