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Lake Pictures

The project starts with opening the draw-down valve to drain the lake down.

The outlet pipe on the east side of the dam after opening the valve.


Looking down the length of the lake from the west end during the draw-down process.


East end of the lake by the dam during the draw-down process.

Starting to dig on the west end.

The contractor is working his way south across the lake.  The pile of concrete that was below grade in the previous picture is now approximately 8' above the final grade. 

Looking across the lake to the south, the south jetty is ready to be rocked.

Both jettys can be seen, the north one almost finished and the south one is starting to be rocked.

Looking across the finished north jetty. The top is finished off with crushed concrete making a firm base to walk out on.

Having moved to the east side of the lake, just finishing up on deepening the north bay area.

Removing 2870 cubic yards of material from the "South Bay" area was completed on Dec. 20th.

The contractor moved to the "wetland" area of Skyview Lake west of 25th Street to begin the last of the renovation work.

The contractor is now finished and the well line to fill the lake was turned back on December 28, 2004. There will be times we have to shut down the well for things such as repairs to the draw-down valve and Nebraska Game & Parks GPS mapping of the changes to the lake but we will keep it on as much as we can until it is filled.