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309 N 5th St, Norfolk, NE 68701
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Veterans Memorial Park Improvements

Click here to see what the park will look like when completed.

Aqua Ventrure waterpark at Veterans Memorial Park

Construction Progress

Date Notes Pictures
5/9/2011 Early progress at Veterans Memorial Park Pictures
6/14/2011 Work continues Pictures
6/20/2011 Ongoing work at Memorial Pictures
  Progress up to July 1st Pictures
7/15/2011 Progress is really starting to pick up Pictures
7/21/2011 Work and progress is starting to show Pictures
7/22/2011 July 22nd Pictures
7/28/2011 Major progress Pictures
8/2/2011 Less than a month till the first game Pictures
8/8/2011 Lots of progress taking place Pictures
8/12/2011 Coming together Pictures
8/12/2011 Installing rubber on field Videos
Aug 24 Gametime Aug 26th Pictures
Sept 1 Sept 1 Pictures
Sept/13/2011 Aquatic center has a lot happening Pictures
9/21/2011 Great weather for progress Pictures
10/17/2011 October 17th Pictures
10/28/2011 Great weather encouraging progress Pictures
11/16/2011  November 16th Pictures
11/30/2011 'Freedom Is Not Free' Pictures
1/6/2012 Mild winter is very welcome for construction progress Pictures
2/13/2012 Work completed in January Pictures
2/13/2012 All the pieces are starting to come together Pictures
5/3/2012 AquaVenture is seeing a lot of activity Pictures
5/25/2012 AquaVenture opening just around the corner Pictures