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Tree Advisory Board NewsI'm a Norfolk Tree Bud

Be a Norfolk Tree Bud!

The Emerald Ash Borer is in Nebraska although it hasn't been found within 50 miles of Norfolk. The City of Norfolk has adopted an EAB Community Plan.

Trees provide beauty, shade, windbreak and wildlife habitat in our community. Be a Tree Bud and help support trees in the Norfolk area!

There are many ways you can be a Norfolk Tree Bud. One way is to contribute $2 on your water bill to purchase, plant and care for trees in Norfolk. Just check the box on your water bill that says "Sign up to add $2 charge to each water bill for trees." Or signup online!

You can also plant a tree. For guidance on what trees are best to plant in the Norfolk area see our Tree Considerations list.

It's the 150th anniversary of Norfolk so plant a tree, take a picture of you and/or your group that's planting the tree and send it to and we'll post it on Facebook at and we'll put it on our website at

See how many trees have been planted in Norfolk in 2016 for our 150th!...

The trees you enjoy now were planted by people who came years before you. Plant a tree now for your descendants to enjoy in the future! Here's a flyer to print off and hang up in your office or organization!

Plant 150

Useful Links

Environmentally Adapted Trees

What are Environmentally Adapted Trees (EAT)?  Click on the hyperlink to read Justin Evertson's article on the subject. The City of Norfolk, partnering with the Nebraska Forest Service, planted 32 Environmentally Adapted Trees in a test plot at Ta-Ha-Zouka Park along South First Street, between the Elkhorn River Trail parking lot and the Elkhorn River.  The City will plant another 4 trees when they become available to complete this initial planting.

City of Norfolk Community Emerald Ash Borer Plan  -  Arbor Day Foundation's website   -  Nebraska Arborist Association website!toc.htm   -  Tree Encyclopedia Index website, has a good database of tree info

Tree Considerations   -  Tree facts and guidance for the City of Norfolk


Hardiness Zone Map - Be sure you consider a tree that will survive in our Nebraska climate. Trees are rated for a particular hardiness zone(s) and our area of Nebraska is rated zone 4.  The lower the zone number the more cold hardy a tree is.  Planting a tree rated for a zone 5 is a risk but in some cases can be successful.

2010 Tree Inventory Report - a breakdown of street and park tree species distribution in Norfolk from a tree inventory performed in 2010.

What is the Tree Advisory Board?

The City of Norfolk Tree Advisory Board, consisting of five members appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council was established by the City of Norfolk in November 2009.   Contact Diane Becker for further information at 402-844-2034.

Its Purpose

The purpose of the City of Norfolk's Tree Advisory Board is to offer input and/or make recommendations for tree planting and landscaping projects within the city. Members help educate the public about the benefits of well maintained trees and how to grow trees to provide these benefits.