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Fair Housing

 Fair Housing is your right - Use it!

Northeast Nebraska Fair Housing Conference 2017

Fair housing enforcement and education agencies:

Fair Housing Center of Nebraska-Iowa - File an administrative complaint for alleged discriminatory act

HUD - Enforcement role in Fair Housing Act: Learn Fair Housing Laws and Presidential Executive Orders

Legal Aid of Nebraska - Provides free civil legal services for low-income people

Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission - Authorized to enforce Fair Housing Act Statutes

Nebraska State Bar Association - Landlord Tenant Law

The United States Department of Justice - Fair Housing Act

National Fair Housing Alliance - Works to eliminate housing discrimination and to ensure equal housing opportunity

NFHA Creates Online Fair Housing Resource Library - the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) announced that it has assembled an online library of resources related to fair housing rights and obligations. The free resource library is divided into four sections:

· Print PSAs on the topics of race and color, religion, sex and sexual harassment, familial status, disability, and diversity and inclusion, and available in several languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese

· Brochures on fair housing for persons with disabilities, families with children, and other topics, available in English and Spanish

· Radio PSAs on topics including disability, diversity and inclusion, and familial status, available in English and Spanish

· TV PSAs focusing on the theme of "Fair Housing is Your Right. Use It," available in English and Spanish

You'll find more information about the NFHA materials, many of which were funded through grants from HUD, in their 2014 catalog of fair housing PSAs and resources. Because the catalog has not yet been posted to the NFHA Web site, we've uploaded it to the NMA blog for your convenience. You can access it here.

Housing Discrimination Complaint Form

HUD Launches Fair Housing App - press release

Fair Housing App

Landlord Tenant Law Brochure

Tenant Landlord Act

Fair housing news articles:
November 10, 2014-The Landlord -Tenant Act
November 24, 2014-The Rights of the Landlord and the Tenant
December 29, 2014-The Duties of the Landlord and the Tenant
March 15, 2015-Your Rights as a Renter Or as a Landlord
May 15, 2015, Requirements for Ending a Lease
July 21, 2015, Resources for Fair Housing

City of Norfolk's commitment to further Fair housing:
The City Council of the City of Norfolk, Nebraska adopted a Title VI Program on September 19, 2011. 
Please refer to the following links:

Title VI Brochure

Title VI Policy Statement

April is proclaimed as Fair Housing Month

The Norfolk Housing Agency provides current listings of available rentals, to include specific units that assist persons with disabilities. Voucher briefings by the Housing Agency inform the clients of their rights and how to file a discrimination complaint. The forms are provided to each client. In addition the Norfolk Housing Agency staff members attend the Fair Housing Conference held in Lincoln.

Equal Housing Opportunity Logo