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Outdoor Warning Sirens


The City of Norfolk begins testing of their outdoor warning siren system the first Tuesday in April at 9:00.  The sirens are tested twice a month, on the first and third Tuesdays of the month from spring through the fall.

The Region 11 Emergency Management agency wants to remind citizens of the purpose of outdoor warning sirens

The purpose of an outdoor siren warning system is to alert persons outside of their home, school, business, etc. of potential danger. Sirens are not to be relied upon while inside structures.  Emergency management stresses that citizens should utilize a weather alert radio for their homes.

The sirens are sounded whenever a tornado warning is issued however, they may be activated for other life threatening situations which require emergency preparedness response actions by the population.

Upon hearing the siren, citizens should immediately tune in to local radio or television stations for information concerning the siren activation.

During a tornado warning, citizens should exercise their tornado preparedness plan and take cover immediately in the best available protective area that they have identified. Businesses should also exercise their severe weather plan.

For other emergencies which would necessitate the activation of sirens, the public should stay tuned to local radio and television stations for further instructions.

If you have any questions concerning the outdoor sirens, please call Faythe Petersen  844-2050

Where are the sirens in Norfolk?