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Building Services Forms

You can now email completed forms to Building Services. When drawings or site plans are required, a PDF copy may be attached in the form, or attached to the same email message as the form. 

Some forms have an "EMAIL" button to send the completed form to Building Services.  To use the "EMAIL" button on the forms, you must have an email client, such as Outlook, installed on your computer.  If you access your email online and do not have an email client installed on you computer, the completed forms may be saved locally and attached to an email message along with a PDF copy of any required plans and sent to, with the project address in the email subject line.

Adobe Reader has several options to sign a form, the simplest one is using the Commenting pencil tool to sign the form using your mouse or other pointing device. Please Note - Press the "ESC" key after using the pencil tool to return to entering form fields.

These forms work best with Adobe Reader XI. You can use a previous version of Adobe Reader but some features may not work correctly.

Issued permits need to be paid for and picked up at the Building Servcies office, at the address listed on the form, prior to any wrok being performed.

  Building & Inspection  - Building Services Forms
Building Permit Application
    Sign Permit Application
Small Lot SWPPP Form for projects less than 1 acre.
Electrical Permit Application
      Homeowner Verification For electrical Wiring Permits
    Mechanical Permit Application
    Plumbing Permit Application
Water Heater Permit Application
    Site Plan Specification Sheet
Well and Septic Tank Application
    Water/Sewer Taps or bandonments - Utility Permit to work on Water or Sewer lines
    Curb Grind Permit Application - Street Excavation Permit
    Street Break Permit Application - Street Excavation Permit
    Tamp Back Permit Application - Street Excavation Permit
    House Mover Notification Form
    Roll Off Refuse Box Permit Application
  Contractor's Registration
    Contractor Registration Form for 2019
United States Citizenship Attestation Form
  Fire Marshal
    Fire Suppression/Alarm Permit Application
    Propane Tanks, Tents & Other Installations - Fire Prevention Application
Fireworks & Display Permit Application
  Planning & Zoning
    Flood Plain Development Permit/Application
    Home Occupation Registration Form
    Construction Water permit at Nebraska DEQ for projects 1 acre or larger.