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309 N 5th St, Norfolk, NE 68701
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Burn Permits 

Burn permits can be obtained at the north office of the Norfolk Fire Division, 701 Koenigstein.  A permit must be completed at the fire station, indicating the person responsible for the permit, location, date and time of the burn.

The City of Norfolk - Fire Division enforces the State of Nebraska's ban on Open Burning.  Open burning is prohibited unless a waiver (burning permit) is issued from either Fire Station.  Burning permits are allowed outside of the city limits, (conditions permitting). 


There are certain rare situations where an open flame maybe permitted with the Fire Chief approval.  Each request will be closely evaluated and permission given on a case by case basis. 


All fires within the City limits are only for recreation or cooking purposes.  Only natural sawn dry wood will be allowed to be burned.  Burning of leaves, garbage, paper, trash, wire, etc. is strictly prohibited. 


Closed Burning (Recreational Fires) maybe allowed within the City limits.  These fires are very small controlled fires which are set in approved commercially available "outdoor fireplaces".  These "outdoor fireplaces must be placed on a firm non-combustible surface and at least 25 feet from any building.  (We issue seasonal permits for these)


Each permit is a personal privilege and the responsibility of the permit holder.  Any fire maybe extinguished and the permit revoked if the permit holder is in violation of the code and/or the fire becomes a nuisance to the neighborhood.