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City of Norfolk Stormwater Management

As our community grows, so must its commitment to protecting and improving the quality of our water resources.  Assets such as Skyview Lake, TaHaZouka Park and the North Fork of the Elkhorn River help make Norfolk one of the Nation's most livable communities. Keeping water resources clean and useable is in everyone's interest.


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City Code Stormwater links

Post-Construction Design Standards & Procedures

Stormwater Newsletters

What is Stormwater runoff?

How does the City protect our water resources?

What can I do to help?

Frequently asked questions

Report illegal dumping and suspicious discharges

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Links to Stormwater related sites

City of Norfolk's Stormwater Management Plan

Stormwater Utility Fee

"After the Storm"
is a 22 minute educational video, co-Produced by the U.S. EPA and The Weather Channel, about the effects of Stormwater runoff.


North Fork of the Elkhorn at 3rd and ElmLagoon at TaHaZouka Park
Skyview LakeLarge Fountain in TaHaZouka Lagoon
Skyview Lake facing west.
Flood Control, east of Norfolk