Sec. 6-80.  Revocation or suspension of registration.


(a)   The code official may recommend to the building code board of appeals the sus­pension of any electrical registration issued pursuant to the provisions of this division if its holder willfully or repeatedly violates any ordinances or laws relating to the installation of electrical wiring or electrical apparatus.


(b)   The code official may recommend to the building code board of appeals the revo­cation of any such registration if its holder fails to comply with the provisions of this article, or fails to be responsible for any installa­tion which is a hazard to life and property.  The building code board of appeals may revoke such a registration upon recommendation of the code official, and the clerk is hereby authorized to refuse registration to any contractor who as an individual has had his or her registration revoked or who has acted as a principal in any business which has had its registration revoked pursuant to this section in the previous five (5) years.  Such refusal may extend to the revoked registrant and also to any business entity seeking registration in which said individual or principal is acting as a principal.  The revocation of such registration shall result in the loss of all rights and privileges thereunder.


(c)   If an individual holds a current city electrical registration, and the State of Nebraska electrical license for an individual is revoked by the State Electrical Board, such city registration shall be revoked automatically without building code of appeals review.  


Source: Ord. No. 3054, § 4(J), 2-16-82; Ord. No. 4699, § 1, 10-20-03