Sec. 6-41.  Same--Suspension or revocation.


(a)   If a registered building contractor shall willfully or repeatedly violate any ordinance or law relating to the construction of a building or structure, the board of appeals established by the building code adopted by the City may suspend such registration and such suspension shall continue unless and until the board of appeals shall terminate the suspension.  The code official shall serve or cause to be served upon the registrant a notice in writing specifying the grounds for suspension.


(b)   Any failure on the part of a registered building contractor to comply with the provisions of this chapter or be responsible for any installation which is a hazard to life and property shall be deemed sufficient cause for revoking the building contractor’s registration, together with all rights and privileges thereunder.  The board of appeals established by the building code adopted by the City may revoke the building contractor’s registration upon the recommendation of the code official following a public hearing.  The clerk is hereby authorized to refuse registration to any contractor who as an individual has had his or her registration revoked or who has acted as a principal in any business which has had its registration revoked pursuant to this section in the previous five (5) years.  Such refusal may extend to the revoked registrant and also to any business entity seeking registration in which said individual or principal is acting as a principal. 


Source: Code 1962, § 4-1-5; Ord. No. 3050, § 3(E), 2-16-82; Ord. No. 4384, § 4, 11-2-98