Sec. 6-173.  Energy conservation standards.


Minimum requirements are as follows:


(a)   Ceiling:  R-44 insulation.  


(b)   Frame walls:  R-19 (combined R-value of wall elements).


(c)   Slab edge (on-grade):  R-10 insulation, twenty-four (24) inches down from top of slab.


(d)   Floors (over unheated spaces):  R-30 insulation.


(e)   Finished basement walls:  R-14 (Combined R-value of wall elements).


(f)   Crawl spaces:  R-10 insulation.  Shall be a conditioned space.  Floor shall be covered with not less than three (3) inches of concrete.


(g)   Windows:  Minimum of double-glazed and maximum U-factor of .35.  


(h)   Doors:


(1)       Sliding glass:  Double-glazed, maximum U-value of .35.


(2)       Swinging:  Maximum U-value of .35 based on testing prior to installation of glazing.


(i)   Weatherstripping/caulking:  Whatever is necessary to minimize infiltration.


(j)   HVAC equipment.


(1)       Heat pumps Heating mode:


a.        COP=2.5/1.5 (air source).


b.        COP=2.5 (water source).


(2)       Boilers and furnaces:  Combustion efficiency equals eighty (80) percent.


(3)       Air Conditioners/heat pumps Cooling:  SEER minimum rating 13.0.


(4)       Controls:  Each system controlled by thermostat; heating system capable of setback to fifty-five (55) Fahrenheit; cooling system capable of setup to eighty-five (85) Fahrenheit.


(5)       Ductwork:  R-6 insulation when outside conditioned space;  all transverse joints sealed.


(k)   Water heating:


(1)       Stand-by loss of fifteen (15) BTU per hour, per square foot, maximum; thermostat control and valve or switch to shut off completely.


(2)       Showerheads:  Three (3) gallons per minute, maximum.


(l)   Insulate exterior of foundation of slab-on-grade heated structures or provide a thermal break between floor and exterior foundation.


Deviations from above requirements require approval of the code official. 


Source: Ord. No. 3055, 3, 2-16-82; Ord. No. 4702, 3, 10-20-03; Ord. No. 4972, 2, 9-17-07