Sec. 4-9.  Issuance of license.


The city clerk shall issue a dog or cat license to the owner of such dog or cat upon payment of the license fees as hereinafter required and upon, and only after, presentation of a valid rabies certificate showing that the dog or cat has a current immuniza­tion for rabies following the latest recommendations of the United States public health service.


The license shall set forth the following information:


(1)       The name and address of the owner of the dog or cat;


(2)       The license number of the tag issued for such dog or cat;


(3)       The breed, age, color, name and sex of the dog or cat;


(4)       Such other information as the city may require for the purpose of identification.


At the same time, the city clerk shall deliver to the owner a metallic license tag, furnished by the city, bearing the license number shown on the license.  Such tag shall have die-stamped thereon the license number, the words "Norfolk pet tag," and the year for which issued.  The metal tag so issued shall be attached to and kept upon the collar or harness of the dog or cat so licensed by the owner.


Said license once issued in duplicate, shall be delivered to the owner of the dog or cat, who shall retain it as evidence of the license.


All money received by the city clerk or his or her representa­tives under this chapter shall be placed in the city's general fund. 


Source: Ord. No. 3523, § 10, 2-1-88