Sec. 3-29. Procedure for handling liquor license applications.


(a)   Upon receipt of notification by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission that an application for a liquor license within the City of Norfolk has been applied for, the city clerk shall prepare a letter of no recommendation and cause the same to be placed on a city council agenda and, after approval by the mayor and city council, the city clerk shall send the letter of no recommendation to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.  The city clerk shall further provide notification of the liquor license application to the chief of police for investigative purposes. 


Source: Ord. No. 3399, 2-6, 5-5-86; Ord. No. 3469, 1, 4-20-87; Ord. No. 3513, 1, 11-2-87; Ord. No. 3598, 3, 11-7-88; Ord. No. 3654, 5, 7, 6-19-89; Ord. No. 5038, 1, 10-20-08

Subsequently, Ord. No. 3654, 5, adopted June 19, 1989, renumbered 3-28 as 3-29, and 7 of the same ordinance amended the same to read as herein set out.