Sec. 27-348.  Improvements - Off-street parking.


(a)   After January 1, 1989, all required parking areas and driveways on private property providing ingress and egress to parking areas for all new uses of land, buildings, and structures or enlargements, expansions or modifications thereto that require structural alterations or for all properties in which the use of land is changed shall be surfaced with concrete or asphaltic concrete, and shall be maintained in good condition and free of all weeds, dust, trash and other debris.  See also Secs. 27-349 and 27-350.


(b)   Parking areas shall have adequate guards to prevent extension or the overhanging of vehicles beyond property lines or parking spaces; and parking areas shall have adequate markings for channelization and movement of vehicles.


(c)   If lighting facilities are provided, they shall be so arranged as to deflect or direct light away from any adjacent dwelling or dwelling district.


(d)   In a residential zoning district, where allowed, an off-street parking area containing more than six (6) vehicles shall maintain a front yard setback of ten (10) feet.


(e)   Screening shall be required as provided in Sec. 27-345.


(f)   On any corner lot there shall be no planting, structure, fences or obstruction to vision more than three (3) feet higher than the curb level within twenty-five (25) feet of the intersection of the street lines. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, 1, 9-16-02