Sec. 24-201.  Routes designated.


(a)   Procedure, generally.  Streets which are emergency routes shall be as designated by ordinance.  The city shall place appropriate signs or other traffic-control devices indicating the exis­tence of such emergency routes.  A designation of any street, avenue, road, or highway, or portion thereof, as an emergency route shall in no way affect any previous designation of that street, avenue, road, or highway for any other purposes.


(b)   Specific routes designated.  The following streets located within the city are hereby designated as emergency routes:


Street From To
Benjamin Avenue 1st Street 25th Street
Elm Avenue 1st Street 4th Street
Koenigstein Avenue 13th Street 16th Street
Norfolk Avenue 1st Street (eastward) Victory Road
Norfolk Avenue 8th Street (westward) 29th Street
Omaha Avenue Logan Street 13th Street
Pasewalk Avenue 1st Street 13th Street
Prospect Avenue 4th Street 25th Street
1st Street Jackson Avenue Benjamin Avenue
4th Street (Riverside Boulevard) Braasch Avenue Benjamin Avenue
7th Street Omaha Avenue Norfolk Avenue
13th Street Omaha Avenue Benjamin Avenue
25th Street Norfolk Avenue Benjamin Avenue


Source:  Ord. No. 3127, §§ 3, 6, 2-22-83; Ord. No. 3741, § 1, 9-4-90; Ord. No. 4228, § 1, 12-2-96