Sec. 23-42. Sidewalks.


(1)       Sidewalks shall be constructed in accordance with Chapter 22 of this Code on both sides of the street in all new plats and subdivisions, provided, however, the city council may waive or modify the requirement of sidewalks pursuant to section 23-48 of this Code.


(2)      The construction of sidewalks in all new subdivisions shall be completed concurrently with the completion of the construction of the structure or building on the property and no building permit shall be issued without the showing of plans and specifications for such sidewalk. No certificate of occupancy shall be issued until such sidewalk is completed.


(3)      From and after this date, no subdivision plat shall be approved by the city council without the showing of the plan for the construction of sidewalks as provided herein.


Source:  Code 1962, 11-24-6(L); Ord. No. 3780, 1, 4-1-91; Ord. No. 4034, 1, 7-5-94