Sec. 20-18.  Membership generally.


(a)   The police reserve unit shall consist of such number of members as shall from time to time to be determined by the mayor and council.


(b)   The mayor, by rule approved by the council, shall prescribe the qualifications and standards by which applicants for membership in the reserve, shall be governed and persons possessing said qualifications and conforming to said standards, may be appointed to the reserve by the mayor.


(c)   To be eligible for membership in the reserve, each applicant must indicate his willingness to serve an average minimum of four (4) hours per month in the public training service and where any member has failed to give said minimum hours of service for a period of two (2) months, the chief of police shall inquire into the reasons therefor and unless good reason is shown for said failure to render the minimum hours herein required the chief may dismiss the member from the reserve.  Training service may include performance of regular police duty in on-pay status provided it is scheduled as training.


(d)   Application for membership in the police reserve shall be submitted to the captain of the reserves to be presented before all members at its regular business meeting.  Recommendations or denial of memberships in the police reserve shall be placed before the membership board which consists of the captain, lieutenant, sergeant-secretary, sergeant-treasurer, and one senior officer of the police division.  They in turn will vote for the approval or denial of membership in the reserve and a letter will be sent to the applicant by the captain of the reserve stating the decision.  In the event of denial of membership, under no circumstances will an explanation of the decision be given to the applicant by the membership board. 


Source:  Code 1962, §§ 6-9-2, 6-9-4, 6-9-5, 6-9-15