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309 N 5th St, Norfolk, NE 68701
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Mayor and City Council

The City of Norfolk has a Mayor/Council form of government. The Mayor and eight council members are elected on a non-partisan ballot. The Norfolk City Council meets at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month in the City Council Chambers, 309 N 5th Street Norfolk, Nebraska.

Mayor Josh Moenning
(402) 580.2471

Dick Pfeil, Ward 1

Corey Granquist,Ward 1

Dave Fauss, Ward 2

Jim Lange, Ward 2
Council President

Gary L. Jackson, Ward 3

Rob Merrill, Ward 3

Shane Clausen, Ward 4

Thad Murren, Ward 4

  A listing of previous Mayors and elected officials by each ward (Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, and Ward 4) of the City of Norfolk can be found under About Norfolk under Government Structure.  

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City Council Committees and Subcommittees

The Mayor and City Council have the following subcommittees:  Public Works, Public Safety; Planning and Community Development, Culture and Recreation and Economic Development.

  • The Public Works Subcommittee proposes policy for the Public Works Department and its divisions: Water & Sewer, Wastewater, Engineering, Streets, and Park Maintenance.
    Public Works subcommittee members -- Shane Clausen and Corey Granquist

  • The Public Safety Subcommittee develops policy proposals for Police and Fire Divisions.
    Public Safety subcommittee members --  Gary L. Jackson and Dick Pfeil

  • The Planning & Community Development Subcommittee deals with policies and issues involving planning, zoning, permits, inspections, and health.
    Planning & Community Development subcommittee members -- Jim Lange and Rob Merrill

  • The Culture & Recreation Subcommittee deals primarily with the Recreation, Housing, and Library Divisions in developing programs and policies following advisory recommendations to the Mayor and City Council.
    Culture & Recreation subcommittee members -- Dave Fauss and Thad Murren

  • The Economic Development Subcommittee deals with issues related to economic development.
    Economic Development Subcommittee members -- Shane Clausen, Corey Granquist, Rob Merrill and Jim Lange