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309 N 5th St, Norfolk, NE 68701
Phone: (402) 844-2000





















Customer Services Directory

Service Contact/Division Telephone Number
Accounts Payable Administration 402.844.2016
Ambulance Bills Administration 402.844.2000
Animal Control Police 402.844.2150
Bicycle Licenses Administration 402.844.2000
Building Codes Preventions Bureau 402.844.2060
Building Permits Preventions Bureau 402.844.2060
Burning Permits Fire 402.844.2060
Cabin Rentals Recreation 402.844.2014
Camper Dump Station Water 402.844.2210
Camping Facilities Parks 402.844.2180
Fireworks Permits Preventions Bureau 402.844.2060
Handicapped Permits Administration 402.844.2000
Health Information Preventions Bureau 402.844.2060
Housing (low income, etc.) Housing 402.844.2080
Liquor License Information Administration 402.844.2000
Manholes Streets 402.844.2180
Park Facility Rental Recreation 402.844.2014
Parking Ticket Payment Administration 402.844.2000
Parking Ticket Complaint Police 402.844.2150
Pest Control Preventions Bureau (Health) 402.844.2060
Pet Licenses Administration 402.844.2000
Planning & Zoning Permits & Codes 402.844.2280
Pool Recreation
    AquaVenture Water Park
    Liberty Bell Pool
Purchasing Questions Purchasing 402.844.2016
Property Maintenance Preventions Bureau (Health) 402.844.2060
Sidewalk Concerns Streets 402.844.2180
Snow Removal Streets 402.844.2180
Special Assessments Administration 402.844.2000
Street Lights NPPD 877.275.6773
Traffic Signals Streets 402.844.2180
Trash Transfer Station 402.844.2231
Trees Preventions Bureau 402.844.2060
Water Billing Administration 402.844.2018
Water Hydrant Leaks Water 402.844.2210
Water Meters Water 402.844.2210
Weed Control  (overgrown lawns) Preventions Bureau (Health) 402.844.2060