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309 N 5th St, Norfolk, NE 68701
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Norfolk City Outlook Archive

The Norfolk City Outlook newsletter is no longer being published.  It has been replaced with the Norfolk Insider Newsletter.

Issue Inside this Issue:
May, June & July 2009 Identity Theft -- Haz-Mat Training -- Mayor's Comments -- Fishing -- Summer Recreation
February, March, & April 2009 Mayor Fuchtman -- Fire Hydrants -- Warren Cook -- Snow Removal -- Aerial Photos
November, December 2008 & January 2009 City Administrator -- Keno -- Peter Kiewit -- Wireless Internet -- CCDC Grant
May, June & July, 2008 Keno -- Cabin Rentals -- Farmer's Market -- Bicycle Safety -- Yard Waste
February, March, April 2008 Property Taxes---Leadership---Wastewater Screen---Deicing---New Drop Box
August, September, October 2007 Mission of Mercy---Councilman Dale Coy---Stormwater
May, June & July 2007 Rain Barrels---Councilman Karl Reeder---Tornado Safety---National League of Cities 50-year Milestone Award---Library Statistics---Summer Recreation Information
February, March, April 2007 Property Tax Information---Councilman Van Dyke---Book Clubs
November, December 2006 & January 2007 Avoid Becoming a Victim---Options at Library---Fire Safety---Snow Removal
August, September, October 2006 City Pools---Water Park---Pool Manager---City Administrator---Flower Beds
May, June, July 2006 Fred Egley, World War II Veteran--Councilwoman Vicki Saunders--
Transportation Plan--Summer Recreation
February, March, April 2006 Property Taxes and John Koenigstein (Early Norfolk Mayor)
 November, December 2005 and January 2006  Envelope Artist---Water Contaminants---Councilman Erik Wilson---Pets In Need---
Community Character Development Coalition (CCDC) Grant
August, September, October 2005 Fire Reserves---Verges Park---Fire Station #2---Transportation Survey---
Softball Coach Mrsny--Proposed Water Park ---
Information about Proposed Water Park
May, June, July 2005 Mayor Adams---Region 11---Trails---City Administrator---
Street Division---Summer Recreation