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309 N 5th St, Norfolk, NE 68701
Phone: (402) 844-2000















Miscellaneous Statistics

  Date of Incorporation September 12, 1881  
  Form of Government Mayor/Council  
  Location Northeast Nebraska  
  Elevation 1,544  
  Area in square miles 10.89  
  Average annual rain fall (inches) 25.15  
  Average annual snow fall (inches) 26.9  
  Average growing season (days) 153  
  Number of employees    
        (excluding police officers and firefighters):    
   Full time 136
     Part time 9  
     Seasonal 11  
  City of Norfolk facilities and services:    
     Miles of streets 145.07  
     Parks and recreation:    
        Number of parks 13  
        Area of parks in acres 414  
        Swimming pools 2  
        Tennis courts 5  
     Fire protection:    
        Number of stations 2  
        Number of firemen:    
           Full time 30  
           Reserve 28  
     Police protection:    
        Number of stations 1  
        Number of police officers 37  
     Water and sewer system:    
        Number of customers 9,464  
        Number of water treatment plants 2  
        Number of sewage treatment plants 1  
        Miles of sanitary sewers 131  
        Miles of water mains 126  
     Libraries 1  
  Facilities and services not included in the reporting entity:  
        Number of schools:    
           Elementary 8  
           Junior High 1  
           Middle School 1  
           Senior High 4  
           College 1  
        Number of students:    
         Elementary 2,208
           Middle/Junior/Senior High 2,936  
               Full-Time Students 2,121  
               Part-Time Students 2,954  
        Number of instructors:    
           Elementary/Middle/Junior/Senior High 385  
           College 187  
        Number of hospitals 1  
        Number of patient beds 227