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309 N 5th St, Norfolk, NE 68701
Phone: (402) 844-2000















Transfer Station Rates

The minimum charge for wastes billed by weight is $12.00. This fee covers the cost of office systems and staff that must be present for each transaction. At current rates, the minimum fee also covers approximately 400 lbs. of waste. The Transfer Station and Landfill operating funds are generated totally from user fees and not from taxes.

  Animal Crematory $42 - $84
  Appliance $8
  Appliance with freon $30
  Batteries, automotive type $5
  Concrete $5 per ton
  Computer waste $15.00 per system
  Hard Drive Shredding $2.00 per unit
  Hazardous Waste billed on a case by case basis
  Household Garbage $65.00 per ton
  Iron & Steel $65.00 per ton
Pallets $30.00 per ton
  Tire, Car $3.50 each
  Tire, Truck $15.00 each
  Tire, Implement $35.00 each
  Tire, Tractor $100.00 each
  Tire, mounted on rim rate x 2
  Tree Waste No Charge
  T.V.'s $15.00 per system
  Yard Waste & Brush No Charge