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Housing News

Norfolk Insider:                                                            City of Norfolk Housing Study Underway 

Housing Agency looks to bring more houses to Norfolk. Read full story from the Norfolk Daily News here.

Landlords interested in being a landlord with the Housing Choice Voucher (formerly known as Section 8) program can review five reasons to accept Housing Choice Vouchers and call Julie Drahota, Housing Program Manager, Norfolk Housing Agency  Phone: 402-844-2080.

Landlords can list available units at no cost

Increase of HUD Funds to Norfolk for 2016.

Discussion was held on election of officers for the Housing Agency Board and Housing Development Corporation Board. The election of officers is necessary because of the resignation of the board member that was serving as the Chairman. This election will fill the current fiscal year and re-election will be held in January 2016. Elected was Tom Higginbotham, Chairman; Thad Murren, Vice Chair; and Juanita Ramirez, Secretary/Treasurer.

Carol Svendsen was welcomed as a new Housing Board member.

Diana Rizzo was welcomed as a new Housing Board member.

The Norfolk Housing Agency put together an annual plan identifying its mission, goals and objectives for its annual submittal to HUD. The Civil Rights Certification is also sent into HUD.

There has been discussion on the $500,000 the City has received from Meadow Ridge Partners. A re-use plan is being written by NENEDD on how the HOMEfunds will be used. Chairman Higginbotham has had contact with DED on the process. A sub-recipient agreement is being worked on between the City and the Norfolk Housing Agency allowing the Housing Agency to use the funds for housing development activities. It is hoped the full $500,000 will be given to the Norfolk Housing Agency to use at its discretion under the re-use plan guidelines.

An application has been submitted for funding of $25,000 through NIFA to be used for the Housing Market Study. The funds of $24,000 have been budgeted in the City budget for fiscal year 2015-16. The application for NIFA funds was just submitted before deadline of June 26, 2015.

Current Projects and Information

The Norfolk Housing Development Corporation is looking into purchasing the property at 1322 Verges Ave, Norfolk Nebraska. The house has fire damage from February 2014 and will need to be completely demolished, keeping the existing basement. This property is owned by a bank with an asking price of $7,150.00. The director offered the asking price and the bank counter offered $6,750.00. The costs for the demo would range from $5,000 to $9,000, and plans are to construct a home on the existing basement.

Discussion was held on the possible  purchase/development of five lots on Oak Street that are owned by the City of Norfolk. The City has $87,046 invested in water, sewer, and paving costs for both sides of the street. The City is asking for a proposal for these 5 lots. The board suggested pursuing several proposals and add that projections over time of what the City would receive in property taxes over time.  Another idea was to add on $5,000 per house with a Memo of Understanding that if the owner ever sells the house they would pay that $5,000 back to the City. Negotiations with the City of Norfolk are being pursued to purchase the five lots on Oak Street for up to $10,000 maximum for all lots total. 

Potential ideas for future housing development activities are build homes on vacant lots within the City limits; purchase dilapidated homes, remove them and build new homes; purchase/rehab/resale of dilapidated homes in the City of Norfolk.

Housing staff are working with NENEDD and other City Staff on past grants for fair housing compliance as well as an application for a housing study grant.

Housing staff are looking into possibly building 10 single family dwellings on scattered sites in Norfolk through a Low Income Housing Tax Credit Application.

The Housing Coordinator continues to work with some downtown business owners who are participating in the 2nd story rental rehabilitation grant. One of the owners is 85% complete with his apartment. The other 2 owners are getting bids for the remaining 6 apartments to be started. There will be a total of 7 upper level downtown apartments when all rehabilitation is complete.


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