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City of Norfolk Forms

You need Adobe Reader to view and print the online forms.
The free Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe Website

You can fill in the forms online before you print them. Then sign the printed forms as needed and return them to the appropriate department. Some forms have a "CALCULATE" button to help with totaling the fees. The completed forms cannot be saved.

    Alarm Permit Application Form
    Application to Serve on Board or Commission
  Bicycle License Registration Form
    Edward I. Vrzal Outstanding Citizen Nomination Form
    Event Guide and Application
Food and Beverage Occupation Tax Return Form
    Horse-Drawn Carriage Application
    Horse-Drawn Carriage Certificate of Carriage Worthiness
    Lodging Occupation Tax Return Form
    Pet Tag License Form
    Scooter License Registration Form
  * Tobacco License Application Form
    Utility Billing ACH Payment Form
  * Vendor Application and Permit Form
    * These Applications require the US Citizenship Attestation Form also.
    Report of School Fire Drills
    Planning and Zoning
    Abstractor's Certificate
  Application For Modification Of Hard-Surfacing Requirement
    Application For Waiver Of Subdivision Requirements
    Check List-Preliminary Plat
    Check List-Final Plat     REVISED 09-2013
    Conditional Use Permit Application-Form
    Subdivision Application-Form A
    Zoning Change Application-Form
    Subdivision/Addition Utilities Signature Form
    Ride Along Form
    Ride Along Form - Juvenile
    Prevention Bureau
  Building and Inspections
    Building Permit Fee Worksheet
    Contractor Registration Form for 2016
    Curb Grind Application Flow Chart
    Electrical Permit Application/Fee Worksheet
    Fireworks & Display Permit Application
    Fire Prevention Application
    Fire Suppression/Alarm Permit Application/Fee Worksheet
    Flood Plain Development Permit/Application
    House Mover Notification Form
    Home Occupation Registration Form
    Mechanical Permit Application/Fee Worksheet
    Plumbing Permit Application/Fee Worksheet
    Replacement Water Heater Permit Application/Fee Worksheet
    Site Plan Specification Sheet
    United States Citizenship Attestation Form
Utility Permit to work on Water or Sewer lines
Well and Septic Tank Application
Worksheet for Street Excavation Permit - Permit to Curb Grind
    Worksheet for Street Excavation Permit - Permit to Street Break
    Worksheet for Street Excavation Permit - Permit to Tamp Back
    Pool Membership Application